The Best
Man this holster is so comfortable sitting standing when john told me he had a box of holsters and he could do better i knew i found “The Man” that knew the struggles of finding the right holster i cant say enough good about it id be here all day long top notch holster very impressed Thanks john!!


 I’m impressed!
This holster is exactly what I was looking for at a lower price than I could imagine. It came quickly, and the quality is amazing. I wear it at about the one o’clock position, and today I wore it for 15 hrs.. I knew it was there, but I wasn’t rushing home to take it off. Much more comfortable than my sticky holster. Also, the ability to communicatRead more about review stating I’m impressed!e directly with John makes the whole ordeal more personal. Thanks for everything!

Terry S

First the G43, Now the G19!
I have a review below for a C.E. Sidecar for my G43. The Sidecar for my G19 is no different. Very well made, quality holster. Same attention to detail. I will be ordering more in the future.

Ray J

Ray J- Perfect Size
I was looking for a comfortable IWB kydex holster that won’t break the bank but is a quality piece – I definitely found it!!! I love the fit and look of it for my Sig P320 Compact. The claw does a great job of keeping the grip tight to my side st 4 O’clock. I couldn’t be happier – THANKS JOHN!


My new C.E. Sidecar rig for my M&P M2.0 Compact is AWESOME.
I bought a C.E. Sidecar for my M&P M2.0 Compact with a Police Blue Carbon Fiber front and Hunter Orange back (Go Broncos!). The color scheme actually looks really cool. I’ve never carried appendix previously, but had been looking to try it out. However, most other holster makers have a high barrier to entry, and we’re coming in around $110 to Read more about review stating My new C.E. Sidecar rig for my M&P M2.0 Compact is AWESOME.$150 dollars and had MONTHS long lead times. When I found John and Crazy Eyes on eBay I was immediately impressed by the presentation and unique holster options available–in particular, the C.E. Sidecar. I went to the website and was shocked (in a good way) to find that the price was “all-inclusive,” and not full of nickel and dime “uppers” every time I dropped down a menu. I bought mine when the price was $75, but even the current price of $80 is worth every penny. This is not a “budget” holster. This is a high quality, hand-made, custom holster that beats the tactical pants off the competition in price, lead-time, comfort, concealability AND capacity. I’ve had minimal issues transitioning from 4:30 carry to appendix carry with this rig. There are no “hot spots” (as far as getting poked or prodded in sensitive areas) and it feels essentially flat and smooth on my lower stomach area. The customer service and responsiveness was great, and I would highly recommend Crazy Eyes to anyone on the fence about buying the C.E. Sidecar rig (or any of their other holster options). It’s awesome.

Terry S

Awesome Holster!
I bought one for my G43 and I plan on getting one for my G19 as well. The Sidecar is so much more comfortable than I though it would be. I am usually a minimalist when it comes to holsters so it took me a while to finally break down and try this style. The fact that it’s molded 70/30 makes a big difference in comfort imo. The back of the holster fRead more about review stating Awesome Holster!eels flat and smooth against my body. No pressure points like the previous holster I used. This is a quality rig with attention to detail that others charge more for like carbon fiber print kydex, different color kydex combos and polished edges, just to name a couple.


Best holster ever
So I came across crazyeyes though eBay searching for a sidecar type holster. I had been on a lot of sites lately and had actually purchased quiet a few sidecar style holsters from different companies out there since this design came out, “ie” you know the big name guys. Used their holsters for quiet awhile and never felt like it was “the one”. So Read more about review stating Best holster everafter reading the reviews on this site and seeing the pictures and the couple of videos on YouTube I decided to return my recent purchases of a few holsters from different companies and give this guy a shot. I had nothing to lose. I needed a daily rig. The lead time was a home run 5-7 days, and last but not least, the price. You cannot beat it for this type of holster. Man let me tell you, I’m really impressed. From the moment I opened the package, I was in awe. He carbon fiber black with zombie green back just goes great together. The craftsmanship and time he put into this, I couldn’t ask for anything better. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s by far the most effective and most comfortable sidecar I own. It conceals great and the retention is just right. The edges are smooth with a nice polish and the hardware he uses is quality. John is a guy who needs to get his name and company out there. His communication and confidence in his work far exceeds the companies out there now. If you send him emails with concerns or question, he responds usually in the same day. That alone means he cares. I only plan on buying my holsters from him from in the future. Don’t look further. Take the risk. You won’t be sorry.

Thanks John.

Andy W

Outstanding Holster
Works great for hot weather and lower-profile outfits. Light and reliable…Built as tough as a Saturn V rocket.

Matthew S

Best holster ever!
I live in the boiling hot, super sunny with bipolar weather, state of Florida and more specifically central Florida. I had been doing a ton of research as to what would be the best holster for the constant heat and humidity. Everyone knows the less clothes in Florida is the most comfortable so trying to find a comfortable IWB holster that isn’t hoRead more about review stating Best holster ever!t and wont make you sweat while also trying to conceal with not a lot of places to hide a firearm is fairly difficult. Well I came across this gem of a company and talked to the owner who was very helpful and incredibly friendly. He helped me pick out a holster for my frame (5’9″ and 155lbs) that would be easy to conceal while being comfortable. Well he hit the nail right on the head. This holster is incredibly comfortable and I often times forget its there. I carry IWB appendix (M&P Shield 9mm m2.0) and even when im sitting down its comfortable. This is the best holster ever and I will no longer need to look for another. I showed the holster to my incredibly picky old man and he was astounded with the design and loved it. This holster isn’t bulky, not hot, lightweight, and very comfortable with seemingly indestructible quality. The design is flawless in my opinion. If i ever need another holster, its because I lost the one I currently use and I know where im coming for a new one. If you are looking for a holster I seriously recommend this one right here! Also the design makes it very easy to practice draw and reholster!

David B

Re-holster Wothout Worry!
Ordered this for a Glock 19. I use it at the range as I can re-holster like I am wearing a full holster, while still remaining comfortable. Great find and purchase. John will get your order out fast and precise.

Jon M

Best concealed carry holster I have
I have several Carry holsters in different style and materials but by far the best one I have is the Mod II . If you are looking for a lightweight comfortable holster this is it great design great fit and finish. Trust me I only use the best equipment and since finding this company I haven’t changed and don’t plan on using anything else. Also the Read more about review stating Best concealed carry holster I have owner is a great guy that if you have questions are ideas give him a call always looking to make sure he is supplying the best products.

Kevin G

C.E. sidecar
I bought one for my glock 19 and now one for my 2.0 S&W. Absolutely love this holster! I plan I’m replacing all of my old holsters with holsters from Crazy Eyes Holsters. John’s holsters will not disappoint.

Joel H

Glock 26
Had it just over a week now. Very comfortable. Great retention, and not too bulky like a lot of other sidecar Holsters. With the dual clips I t actually conceals better than any of my other Holsters that don’t include a mag carrier. Highly recommended. Oh and it shipped in like 6 days. That’s FAST compared to these other guys who take 5-7 weeks to Read more about review stating Glock 26 make a holster. Buy it. You won’t be disappointed.


I was new to carrying my Sig 938 and concerned about comfort as I am a small framed woman. I called first, and John was amazingly patient even though it was obvious I was still learning. He explained what I need to know in layman’s terms, and was very knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. After receiving my holster (fast), and wearing itRead more about review stating Nice! for several months, I am still amazed at the comfort and ease it is to carry. My friends have all admired the quality of the work and a few have made several purchases of their own.

Luigi S

Best holster I own
Super comfortable enough to wear while riding my motorcycle. Feels great! doesn’t add any extra bulk to your weapon. stays in place. conceals great with the help of the claw. Ordered one for my glock 27 and I love it so much I’m about to order one for my glock 19