Joel L

Bought for my Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0!!!
Fits like a glove and so does the magazine. I am 100% happy with it. It’s extremely comfortable and at times I even forget it’s there. That’s no exaggeration. The color schemes are very nice. I purchased the carbon fiber black with the EMT red on the back, it looks AWESOME!! I HIGHLY recommend it for my brothers in arms. I did all my research before Read more about review stating Bought for my Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0!!!re purchasing and trust me, for the price, the quality that you are receiving is amazing. It measures up to holsters that cost twice as much. I will definitely be purchasing more for my other hand guns. Do yourself a favor, stop reading this and hit the purchase button. You will definitely be glad you did, and your welcome!! Long live the 2nd amendment, and GOD bless the USA!!

Rusty B

Great holster
I love my c.e. iwb holster. My s&w shield fits perfectly inside with easy in and out without any drag. The only small issue I have is the one belt clip. It has a tendency of cocking over to the side. Great holster, keep up the good work.

Great holster and great service!!!!
This is my second holster I have ordered from CrazyEyes holster. For 2 years I have been A Tier 1 appendix holster. The holster is great and is comfortable. The Sidecar holster I got from Crazy eyes is just as great and comfortable. The thing I really like about the Crazy Eyes holster though is as soon as I made the order for it, in 3 hours it was Read more about review stating Great holster and great service!!!! made and ready for shipping. Not to mention that it was priced way lower than the Tier 1 holster. Both are great but Im really enjoying the Crazy Eyes holster. It’s just as comfortable, Cheaper and the turn around time to receive it was impressive.

Jason P

#1 Holster!!
This is the third G43 appendix I’ve bought and its the last till i get a tlr6. Extremely comfortable, safe and slim. Im not a big guy and this holster did the trick to reduce printing with a Vickers Tactical +2.

Jerri S

It’s exactly as described, very
It’s exactly as described, very comfortable. High quality

Scott U

Crazy comfort
This product is as high quality as one could expect.
I never realized a sidecar holster could be as compact and comfortable as this.
Thank you Mike, for making this for me with the same care that would have for yourself.
For those of you that have never found quite what you’re looking for, I highly recommend Crazy Eyes Holsters.

Store Owner

hey Russ, glad you like the holster! The belt clip is adjustable, move the clip down to the top 2 holes and the holster will ride higher giving you a little extra finger room.

Russell L

Nice holster
Holster is comfortable and well made. Only issue I have is that it rides too low in my waistline. This makes it conceal very well, however I have to fight ever so slightly to get my fingers between the grip and my belt. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a side car holster for the p365

Blake K

G43 with uniclip
2nd holster from CrazyEyes and this one is on point as well. Can’t recommend this holster enough. Small, light, craftsmanship and retention are top notch.

rob k

best holsters
I purchased the owb holster and couldn’t be happier! Not only did I receive texts shortly after purchasing to verify my holster options, it also shipped the next day. It shows me they really care able their product. The edges are very smooth and I’m very pleased with the craftsmanship. I own many holsters, but I believe i have now found my favorite “go to” website for my future purchases. I’d like to thank crazy eye for outstanding job.


I did a lot of research before picking out my new AIWB Holster for my Glock. I have had plenty of other similar holsters but nothing compares to the comfort of this holster. I have never felt anything like it and the concealability is perfect. I also wore it all day without an undershirt and it was still comfortable> 10/10 would recommend


Excellent holster
This is the finest IWB holster I have ever used. Very well thought out and well executed. Quality piece. I’ve carried IWB daily, for half of my life and used countless IWB options available over the years. Reholstering while wearing the skeletonized Holster wouldn’t be recommended if you carry one in the pipe but you could say that for many or mosRead more about review stating Excellent holstert IWBs. The trigger is well protected and the retention is spot on. The holster snugs the pistol tight to the body and leaves almost no signature. You’d be well served to consider this above other high quality IWB options. Price is also wallet friendly. Great work guys!!

John B

Most comfortable AIWB rig
I’ve been carrying a g19 appendix for awhile now. I’ve tried several different brands of holsters (big name brands I dont buy cheap). This is BY FAR the most comfortable holster I’ve ever had. I’m a smaller guy so it prints some at the grip and mag if I’m standing with bad posture. Tuck in a shirt and it disappears on me completely. The 2 clip des Read more about review stating Most comfortable AIWB rigign makes the draw quick and doesn’t let the grip angle vary in the waistband. The 30/70 mold and small footprint are the key to this holsters all day comfort. If your looking for a holster you can do every day hard work in without getting uncomfortable this is it.

Benjamin P

It’s almost perfect!
Very well made and extremely comfortable. Just as advertised it is perfectly designed for appendix carry. I withheld the fifth star in my review only because the other holster I own is slightly more concealable under more form fitting clothes. That being said I still prefer the holster I purchased from crazy eyes and I will be ordering again in the Read more about review stating It’s almost perfect!e future for other guns I carry.

Matthew C

VP9SK Sidecar
I am loving this holster, very comfortable. I wear it at the 12 o’clock position and it’s the first holster I have found with the perfect ride height for standing and sitting comfortably. Customer service was awesome ( John responded to all my email questions very quickly), and it shipped the day after I ordered it. I plan to try another holster iRead more about review stating VP9SK Sidecarn the future to see differences in the various designs.

Wanda M

Holster is great! I love the way it holds my pistol and the great design