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Crazy Eyes Wolf holster is a design inspired by my Airborne Infantry buddy by the same name.  It has the same low appendix carry profile as all the other holsters made by Crazy Eyes.  An advantage of this holster is increased stability offered by the addition of a second belt clip.  Additionally, the C.E. Wolf holster is cut to accept most optics and suppressor height sights.

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 2 in

6 reviews for C.E Wolf Holster (Optic Compatible)

  1. L.R .Dow

    Fit my Springfield’s healthcare RDP perfectly, great customer service when I called about something I altered on my pistol and he accommodated me immediately,cannot recommend enough,great work and i will definitely recommend to anybody looking for a equality holster.

  2. L.R .Dow

    I received my CE Wolf Holster for my Springfield Hellcat RDP and it fits perfectly and its molded to enclose the compensator and fits the o
    the wasp flawlessly,I called to discuss about a extended mag release I added and John was very accommodating and changed it up for me,I will definitely order any future holsters from Crazy Eyes and gladly spread the word to anyone looking for a quality holster.

  3. L.R .Dow

    Fits my Hellcat RDP perfectly, I had a question about a extended mag release I added and he was very accommodating and we talked for a bit and he reassured me that he would alter holster to fit my option and it fits perfectly with a solid “click”,iam not a friend of his and iam giving a honest review,2 solid thumbs up,top quality craftsmanship and equally great customer service,I will definitely recommend crazy eyes holsters to anyone looking for a great holster,made in the USA and I will definitely be ordering any future holsters from Crazy Eyes.I received in a week and was quicker than anticipated.Great job and will definitely be spreading the word,Thanks John.

  4. David


  5. Jerome Serra

    Awesome holster for my P365xl w/optical. I lost track of carrying with this holster within a few minutes of walking out the door.

  6. John

    absolutely amazing!!!

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