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The C.E. Sidecar IWB holster is a designated appendix concealed carry rig, form-fitted for the gun and the magazine. It has a 30/70 split with a curved radius, that is, 70% of the bulk is on the outer side of the holster. The RCS claw is included with the adjustable ride height/cant belt clip.

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44 reviews for C.E. Sidecar IWB Holster

  1. Brian

    Ordered a Sidecar for a Glock 26. Great design, and very minimalist in style. Fits gun very well with small footprint. Conceals really well, even under a T-shirt or light button down. This rig is comfortable! John was super helpful along the way and answered every question. Seriously, no hesitation… get one today and you will finally find a holster that works and is comfortable.

  2. Tyler Felts

    First holster i bought along w the Saf Mod II for my gen 5 G26.

    Amazing quality and the color is very good. Minimal and not bulky like every other holster ive tried.

    John himself was so helpful and took the time to respond even during holidays. More people need to discover crazy eyes holsters!!!

  3. Robin

    This is the second holster I owned, the first one is the Alienwear IWB appendix double belt clip configuration. I have to say, CrazyEye holster is really nice. The Alienwear buldges out a lot and shows an inprint due to the soft pading. With this CrazyEye holster, it leave a very minimum inprint if you look carefully, and you can also carry another mag too. It does not dig into the pelvic area when you sit down in the car or anywhere. Only issue I would say about this, if you do not have the gun holstered, and you bend over, or summersault over, the holster will dig into your belly. So just don’t do summersaults with the gun not holstered.

  4. Andrew H

    The craftsmanship of the holster
    The craftsmanship of the holster itself is top notch. Fitment of the 2 halves is perfect and the edges are polished smooth. This is a very compact holster and is pretty comfortable overall. My only negative comment would be on the belt clip placement on the magazine side.
    If the magazine was positioned away from the firearm about an inch more Read more about review stating The craftsmanship of the holster, the clip would sit a little more flush to the holster itself. Right now that clip angles away just slightly from the holster and causes the magazine to push in to the wearers body slightly too much for my comfort. Other than that it is a great holster and I will continue to wear it regularly.

  5. Joel L

    Bought for my Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0!!!
    Fits like a glove and so does the magazine. I am 100% happy with it. It’s extremely comfortable and at times I even forget it’s there. That’s no exaggeration. The color schemes are very nice. I purchased the carbon fiber black with the EMT red on the back, it looks AWESOME!! I HIGHLY recommend it for my brothers in arms. I did all my research before Read more about review stating Bought for my Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0!!!re purchasing and trust me, for the price, the quality that you are receiving is amazing. It measures up to holsters that cost twice as much. I will definitely be purchasing more for my other hand guns. Do yourself a favor, stop reading this and hit the purchase button. You will definitely be glad you did, and your welcome!! Long live the 2nd amendment, and GOD bless the USA!!

  6. Joseph C

    Great holster and great service!!!!
    This is my second holster I have ordered from CrazyEyes holster. For 2 years I have been A Tier 1 appendix holster. The holster is great and is comfortable. The Sidecar holster I got from Crazy eyes is just as great and comfortable. The thing I really like about the Crazy Eyes holster though is as soon as I made the order for it, in 3 hours it was Read more about review stating Great holster and great service!!!! made and ready for shipping. Not to mention that it was priced way lower than the Tier 1 holster. Both are great but Im really enjoying the Crazy Eyes holster. It’s just as comfortable, Cheaper and the turn around time to receive it was impressive.

  7. Scott U

    Crazy comfort
    This product is as high quality as one could expect.
    I never realized a sidecar holster could be as compact and comfortable as this.
    Thank you Mike, for making this for me with the same care that would have for yourself.
    For those of you that have never found quite what you’re looking for, I highly recommend Crazy Eyes Holsters.

  8. Store Owner

    hey Russ, glad you like the holster! The belt clip is adjustable, move the clip down to the top 2 holes and the holster will ride higher giving you a little extra finger room.

  9. Russell L

    Nice holster
    Holster is comfortable and well made. Only issue I have is that it rides too low in my waistline. This makes it conceal very well, however I have to fight ever so slightly to get my fingers between the grip and my belt. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a side car holster for the p365

  10. John B

    Most comfortable AIWB rig
    I’ve been carrying a g19 appendix for awhile now. I’ve tried several different brands of holsters (big name brands I dont buy cheap). This is BY FAR the most comfortable holster I’ve ever had. I’m a smaller guy so it prints some at the grip and mag if I’m standing with bad posture. Tuck in a shirt and it disappears on me completely. The 2 clip des Read more about review stating Most comfortable AIWB rigign makes the draw quick and doesn’t let the grip angle vary in the waistband. The 30/70 mold and small footprint are the key to this holsters all day comfort. If your looking for a holster you can do every day hard work in without getting uncomfortable this is it.

  11. Benjamin P

    It’s almost perfect!
    Very well made and extremely comfortable. Just as advertised it is perfectly designed for appendix carry. I withheld the fifth star in my review only because the other holster I own is slightly more concealable under more form fitting clothes. That being said I still prefer the holster I purchased from crazy eyes and I will be ordering again in the Read more about review stating It’s almost perfect!e future for other guns I carry.

  12. Matthew C

    VP9SK Sidecar
    I am loving this holster, very comfortable. I wear it at the 12 o’clock position and it’s the first holster I have found with the perfect ride height for standing and sitting comfortably. Customer service was awesome ( John responded to all my email questions very quickly), and it shipped the day after I ordered it. I plan to try another holster iRead more about review stating VP9SK Sidecarn the future to see differences in the various designs.

  13. Arnold I

    Great Holster
    If you are looking for a holster that offers function, value, and comfort, look no further. I wear this holster all day and it feels as if nothing is there. I do NOT have to re-adjust the holster when sitting and there is absolutely no printing when wearing a t-shirt.

    This is my second crazyeyesholster and it will not be my last.

  14. Mixhael P

    This holster is honestly one of the best I’ve worn. The retention is AMAZING and you hear a very satisfying click when you put your gun in! No sharp edges, comfortable when sitting down, and great concealment with the wing on the side. I can easily wear it with a T-shirt and shorts without imprinting. 10/10, already recommended it to several friends Read more about review stating True qualityds. Amazing product, keep it up!

  15. Arnold I

    Most comfortable.
    This is a great holster that offers a combination of comfort and concealment. I have worn this holster 16+ hours a day and have honestly forgotten it was there.

    Place an order, you won’t regret it.

  16. William H

    Great holster for Taurus G2C !
    I bought the side car holster for appendix carry, I am very happy with it! I received it in about 1 week. The quality is excellent and it looks awesome. This is very comfortable for me, sits nice and tight to the body. Sitting down is no problem for me either. Can’t beat the price, I would definitely order from him again!

  17. Mike F

    M&P 9mm Compact 1.0
    Great holster, customer service and communication.

  18. Donald H

    P365 Holster
    Excellent product and service.

  19. John C

    This is my second Crazy Eyes holster. Both of them have amazing fit and finish! I love the comfort, retention, and the consistent placement for reliable draws. I love it!

  20. Mark W

    Side car IWB holster
    I have been looking for a sidecar I WB holster for my Taurus G2 C for quite some time. Stumbled across your site from reviews and Internet searches. Place the order on a Sunday it was shipped on a Monday received three days later. Holster is awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. Great fit and finish color combo is sweet. Awesome option for any Read more about review stating Side car IWB holsterTaurus owner out there I would highly recommend.

  21. Mark R

    Great concealment holster
    Good workmanship and quality materials

  22. Shaun B

    Excellent craftsmanship!! Do yourself a
    Excellent craftsmanship!! Do yourself a favor and buy it!!

  23. Joe R

    Top notch, would recommend to
    Top notch, would recommend toTop notch, would recommend to anyone!

  24. Travis C


  25. Dakota H

    Quality. Was recommended by a
    Quality. Was recommended by a friend, have recommended to more.

  26. Jose R

    Awesome holster
    Solid construction and very good looking holster. Second model holster that i have from Crazy Eyes.

  27. Clayton K

    XD Mod 2 .40
    Excellent!! 3 mos. still awesome!

  28. Keith D

    Exactly what I thought it
    Exactly what I thought it would be.

  29. SHAWN S


  30. Andrew A


  31. Joshua c

    Sig P365
    This was exactly what I was looking for. It conceals perfectly and allows me to keep the flush mount magazine in the gun and the 12 round riding “sidecar”.

  32. John F

    By far the best holster I own
    The quality of this aiwb is second to none. It is crafted beautifully and it’s so comfortable. I will definitely recommend this holster and I will purchase more from this gentleman!

  33. Steven K

    Made carrying more often possible!
    Before purchasing my holster here, I had been carrying a BladeTech holster that I bought cheaply. Doing my research on which holster I wanted to try next, I decided I wanted an AIWB holster with the mag extension. Going with C.E. Holster, I now can carry so much often since it is much more comfortable and much more concealable. I’m not skinny by a Read more about review stating Made carrying more often possible!ny means, and most would say I’ve got a “dad bod” and I can conceal carry with ease with this holster all day, every day, even while sitting down. My girlfriend doesn’t even recognize when I have my gun on me even though she knows I carry. Given the price, I still feel that it was one of the best investments I could have made in reference to mine and my family’s safety by allowing me to carry much more often and with much more comfort

  34. Paul C

    Top Notch!!
    Spoke with John the owner of CE’s Holster’s about exactly what I needed. And he delivered with exceptional results.

  35. Leo

    On the fence? Get off and buy the damn thing.
    After doing a lot of online searching for a side car style holster I decided to buy here and man am I glad I did. Other sites are 30, 40 , 50 dollars more and for what, choosing a color?
    Fit 10/10, firearm and mag fit perfect, both have an audible click when holstered.
    Comfort 10/10, not bulky or wide, 30/70 is genius and fits at my 12-1 Read more about review stating On the fence? Get off and buy the damn thing.o-clock comfortably.
    Construction 10/10, smooth rounded edge, no glaring imperfections, hardware is quality. The only thing I added was some Velcro and a wedge to help conceal even better since I am a taller more fit person who has issues with printing.
    Value 10/10, for the price meets quality and attention to detail this holster is a steal and could easily be up priced.

    I would buy from him again 100%. This holster has met and exceeded my expectations so If you are on the fence like I was researching until your eyes are red let me save you some pain and just buy this holster.

  36. Charles L

    C.E. Sidecar AIWB Holster
    This is one of the best holsters I own! Great fit and finish with attention to detail. Best prices in the business!

  37. Brian

    The Crazy Eyes sidecar holster is an exceptional choice for AIWB carry. The holster is quality made and has a small footprint considering it holds the gun and spare mag. It has zero hot spots so it is all-day comfortable. I’ve worn mine for 11 straight hours standing, sitting and walking without a complaint. The price is much better than most compRead more about review stating EXCEPTIONAL!!!arable holsters and my customer service experience prior to receiving the holster was awesome. I can’t recommend the Crazy Eyes sidecar enough, you won’t be disappointed.

  38. Jonathan

    The Best
    Man this holster is so comfortable sitting standing when john told me he had a box of holsters and he could do better i knew i found “The Man” that knew the struggles of finding the right holster i cant say enough good about it id be here all day long top notch holster very impressed Thanks john!!

  39. Terry S

    First the G43, Now the G19!
    I have a review below for a C.E. Sidecar for my G43. The Sidecar for my G19 is no different. Very well made, quality holster. Same attention to detail. I will be ordering more in the future.

  40. Matt

    My new C.E. Sidecar rig for my M&P M2.0 Compact is AWESOME.
    I bought a C.E. Sidecar for my M&P M2.0 Compact with a Police Blue Carbon Fiber front and Hunter Orange back (Go Broncos!). The color scheme actually looks really cool. I’ve never carried appendix previously, but had been looking to try it out. However, most other holster makers have a high barrier to entry, and we’re coming in around $110 to Read more about review stating My new C.E. Sidecar rig for my M&P M2.0 Compact is AWESOME.$150 dollars and had MONTHS long lead times. When I found John and Crazy Eyes on eBay I was immediately impressed by the presentation and unique holster options available–in particular, the C.E. Sidecar. I went to the website and was shocked (in a good way) to find that the price was “all-inclusive,” and not full of nickel and dime “uppers” every time I dropped down a menu. I bought mine when the price was $75, but even the current price of $80 is worth every penny. This is not a “budget” holster. This is a high quality, hand-made, custom holster that beats the tactical pants off the competition in price, lead-time, comfort, concealability AND capacity. I’ve had minimal issues transitioning from 4:30 carry to appendix carry with this rig. There are no “hot spots” (as far as getting poked or prodded in sensitive areas) and it feels essentially flat and smooth on my lower stomach area. The customer service and responsiveness was great, and I would highly recommend Crazy Eyes to anyone on the fence about buying the C.E. Sidecar rig (or any of their other holster options). It’s awesome.

  41. Terry S

    Awesome Holster!
    I bought one for my G43 and I plan on getting one for my G19 as well. The Sidecar is so much more comfortable than I though it would be. I am usually a minimalist when it comes to holsters so it took me a while to finally break down and try this style. The fact that it’s molded 70/30 makes a big difference in comfort imo. The back of the holster fRead more about review stating Awesome Holster!eels flat and smooth against my body. No pressure points like the previous holster I used. This is a quality rig with attention to detail that others charge more for like carbon fiber print kydex, different color kydex combos and polished edges, just to name a couple.

  42. Eric

    Best holster ever
    So I came across crazyeyes though eBay searching for a sidecar type holster. I had been on a lot of sites lately and had actually purchased quiet a few sidecar style holsters from different companies out there since this design came out, “ie” you know the big name guys. Used their holsters for quiet awhile and never felt like it was “the one”. So Read more about review stating Best holster everafter reading the reviews on this site and seeing the pictures and the couple of videos on YouTube I decided to return my recent purchases of a few holsters from different companies and give this guy a shot. I had nothing to lose. I needed a daily rig. The lead time was a home run 5-7 days, and last but not least, the price. You cannot beat it for this type of holster. Man let me tell you, I’m really impressed. From the moment I opened the package, I was in awe. He carbon fiber black with zombie green back just goes great together. The craftsmanship and time he put into this, I couldn’t ask for anything better. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s by far the most effective and most comfortable sidecar I own. It conceals great and the retention is just right. The edges are smooth with a nice polish and the hardware he uses is quality. John is a guy who needs to get his name and company out there. His communication and confidence in his work far exceeds the companies out there now. If you send him emails with concerns or question, he responds usually in the same day. That alone means he cares. I only plan on buying my holsters from him from in the future. Don’t look further. Take the risk. You won’t be sorry.

    Thanks John.

  43. Kevin G

    C.E. sidecar
    I bought one for my glock 19 and now one for my 2.0 S&W. Absolutely love this holster! I plan I’m replacing all of my old holsters with holsters from Crazy Eyes Holsters. John’s holsters will not disappoint.

  44. Joel H

    Glock 26
    Had it just over a week now. Very comfortable. Great retention, and not too bulky like a lot of other sidecar Holsters. With the dual clips I t actually conceals better than any of my other Holsters that don’t include a mag carrier. Highly recommended. Oh and it shipped in like 6 days. That’s FAST compared to these other guys who take 5-7 weeks to Read more about review stating Glock 26 make a holster. Buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

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