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The C.E. Comfort OWB kydex holster is ergonomically designed for ideal fit, and all day comfort.  The RCS belt clip has an adjustable ride height/cant for optimum positioning while additionally providing a low-profile and easily covered carry.

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 2 in

10 reviews for C.E. Comfort OWB Holster

  1. Erica L

    Fantastic holster!!
    This is my Second holster I have purchased from Crazy Eyes! I bought the side car IWB holster and was so impressed with it I couldn’t wait to get the open carry holster. I was surprised by my spouse with it for Christmas. It exceeded my expectations and I absolutely love your products. All my hunting buddies now have your website and my recommendation. THANKS for such a great product for such a reasonable price!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  2. Peter M

    Recommended by Friend
    Great recommendation by friend. Fast service time from order to receive. Very pleased with purchase. Slight firearm wobble in holster, but easy adjustment. Will definitely recommend and be tip of the list for future holster needs

  3. rob k

    best holsters
    I purchased the owb holster and couldn’t be happier! Not only did I receive texts shortly after purchasing to verify my holster options, it also shipped the next day. It shows me they really care able their product. The edges are very smooth and I’m very pleased with the craftsmanship. I own many holsters, but I believe i have now found my favorite “go to” website for my future purchases. I’d like to thank crazy eye for outstanding job.

  4. SHAWN S

    Great product. Shot my off duty carry qualification today. Couldn’t be happier. Gave your info. To several coworkers.

  5. Andrew M

    I love this holster,
    I love this holster,

  6. Store Owner

    Wow, thanks R.! I am really glad you are happy with your holsters! I love my job.

  7. Richard H

    My Number Two Perfect Holster Arrived
    If you look back a couple of reviews, I reviewed my first Custom Holster purchased here for my 43X commenting how the first thing I did after getting it was ordering another for my G-19 which I immediately did.

    Well, it just arrived and like the 43x holster, was indeed worth the wait, which actually is really reasonable considering they Read more about review stating My Number Two Perfect Holster Arrivedare made on order. But just like most people I usually like the instant gratification of gettting something right now.

    So I’m here to tell you, i really had to warm up to the idea of ordering another holster online, sight unseen, and not being able to try it first. My concern was it may just end up in that big drawer already filled up with disappointing Holsters. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

    After getting my first Custom holster here, I don’t worry about it at all now. I’m not going to bother repeating what is in my other review, just look back a couple because the same holds true for my new G-19 one. The only thing I could add is to reiterate how tight a profile these Holsters have and how tight they hug your body. The only difference between wearing my C.E. Comfort OWB Holster or going inside the waist band is the possibility of having the bottom of the holster become exposed which of course depends on what I’m wearing. And going IWB brings up the oversized pants and the bulge created with heavy fabrics like blue jeans. If I wear a casual medium weight cotton button down over a T-Shirt untucked, you can not tell the difference between OWB & IWB, I know that is a somewhat subjective statement but in my opinion it is true and the OWB is by far more comfortable.

    So now that I have complete confidence in ordering here, and know any questions or concerns or special requests are addressed immediately, and believe me I know, I’m going to be thinking what my next Custom Holster is going to be and how I want it configured. My goal is to have my 2 EDC ‘s have a complete set each of proper seasonally dedicated Holsters which means at least 2 for each being here in Connecticut and they will all be ordered from here with out any hesitation at all.

    I highly recommend these Holsters if your looking for a very reasonable price for an outstanding product. I’ll touch back as my collection grows into different models offered here.

  8. Chris G

    Sweet holster
    One word describes the holster I received from John…… PERFECT!

  9. Richard H

    Perfect Holster
    Picked up one of these for my 43X, perfect fit, retention and craftsmanship, is everything I wanted in a holster. This one stays extremely tight to my side and is very comfortable all day long. The ride height and cant are perfect producing no printing what so ever. First thing I did after using this holster is order another for my G19. I can highRead more about review stating Perfect Holsterly recommend getting a holster made here…

  10. Antonio M

    Superb holster
    So comfortable and great price. I got the artic white and it looks sweat with the black clips and parts. Cant beat the comfort and price.

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