Minimalist Custom Gun Holsters

Traditional wisdom says that a gun is only as good as its user — and no matter how good a shot you are, your gun will be useless if you cannot access it quickly, effectively, and safely. Everyone’s body is different, which means that your equipment will ride differently than your buddy’s, even if you use the exact same gear.

With minimalist custom gun holsters from Crazy Eyes Holsters, you can choose a holster that fits your needs and your style.

All of my minimalist custom holsters are made to order based on the gun, your dominant hand, whether you use an optics mod, if you want a separate compartment for the magazine, and other needs or specifications. Every holster is handmade and overseen from start to finish. If you want a faster order, I do have a quick-ship holster made from pre-formed black carbon fiber.

If you choose a truly custom-made holster, you can choose additional options, such as color, mag release option, and concealment claw style.

Take a look at the options below to find the perfect holster for your weapon and your style. For a truly low-profile option, choose one of our Minimalist IWB holsters, which offer minimal bulk while still keeping the weapon protected at your side.