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I originally hail from New Jersey, but I made the move to Florida to be part of my son’s life while he was growing up.   Where he and I used to race motorcycles in the Pine Barrens, we eventually learned to ride ATV’s in Florida.  

Home is on the beach - "livin' the dream".  My down-time play-time is chilling on the beach,  ATV swamp riding with my son, shooting or horseback riding.  Crazy Eyes Holsters began as an idea when I'd bought one more custom holster to add to the closet collection.  Figured I might as well make my own, so I did.  But I wanted mine to be better, and it had to be just right.  So the search for the best custom kydex holster began in the garage shop. My friends and family encouraged me to sell what I was making and my customers keep me going.  My son is the social media guru, and my woman keeps my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground.   

Why buy a Crazy Eyes Holster?

C.E. Mod II holster in coyote brown carbon fiber

  • Minimal to zero drag on the slide or frame    
  • Adjustable cant/ride height   
  • Thin profile   
  • Formed open barrel design   
  • Lightweight & comfortable   
  • Quality RCS belt clip/claw with spacer   
  • Even weight disbursement   
  • Ambidextrous  
  • Tuckable  
  • Aesthetic design (wife approved) 
  • choices for belt clips and belt widths 
  • custom made conceal carry kydex holsters


Handcrafted Quality

trigger guard detail of holster

    I pride myself on quality over quantity.  Each custom concealed carry holster is started and finished one at a time and continually checked for detail, form, and fit throughout the entire process.  I am fortunate to live in Florida and able to sit on the porch while I hand sand and examine each holster.  Therefore, I spend as much time as it takes to ensure that each holster is of the same high quality that I want for myself.  I believe the difference between the holster that ends up in the collection box and the one you will wear comfortably every day, all day, is the pride, quality, and craftsmanship that I put into each IWB concealed carry, Sidecar, or OWB Crazy Eyes Holster.  The feedback and emails I receive from customers show that quality and attention to detail speaks for itself.  My current lead time is 5-10 business days from order date to shipping.


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Drop me a line - ask me about products / patterns - If you do not see your weapon listed, please message me.

Crazy Eyes Holsters

Sattelite Beach, Florida  U. S. A.

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Most credit cards accepted via PayPal / Square.  Thirty day return policy -  but custom colors will be a 20% restocking fee. 

Call, text, or email John if you have any questions or if you do not see your weapon listed.   

The Man

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customer comments

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ebay review of Sig Sauer P938 holster


Thanks for the quick response.  Also, thanks for providing me your website - just placed my order through it for my second XDS holster.

Again, really do appreciate your work.  I've owned and/or own holsters from Comp-Tac, Crossbreed, Aliengear, Stealthgear, Harry's Holsters, Dark Star Gear, Pitbull Tactical, DeSantis, and Bianchi.  Yes, I have a holster problem - that problem has been not finding what I want.  What I really appreciate about the holster I bought from you is:

1) No extra material - some designs just have too much material at the barrel, the sight channel, or the heel area.  This is a big deal for me as I carry appendix primarily.

2) Fantastic build quality - as good or better than the $100+ holsters

3) Price is right - I wasn't worried about taking a chance and glad that I did.

I will definitely keep an eye on your site.  I will likely be one of the first in line for a 9mm P320C holster.  

Also, the RX is a blast.  Even better suppressed!


First off what a superb job, attention to detail is excellent. My only critique is the backside of the chicago screws on the clip seriously dig into the skin. Now before you say anything, I am a 32-33 waist and in great shape so it isn't excess body mass that is the issue. Maybe covering with some sort of thin rubber, I'll rig something myself but wanted you to be aware of the issue. Please leave positive feedback as I have done for you and thanks again.  Mac 

 I appreciate the feedback on the holsters and glad you like it. As far as the Chicago screws, I have been using what I have and have switched to a new stainless one with no slot. It was small teeth that bit into the rivet and don't spin. I think the slots are digging into your skin as they were digging into my fingers when tightening. I can send you a few of the new ones if you'd like? Here is a pic of the new ones

  • Thanks John 

Matt 05/01/18

My new C.E. Sidecar rig for my M&P M2.0 Compact is AWESOME.

I bought a C.E. Sidecar for my M&P M2.0 Compact with a Police Blue Carbon Fiber front and Hunter Orange back (Go Broncos!). The color scheme actually looks really cool. I've never carried appendix previously, but had been looking to try it out. However, most other holster makers have a high barrier to entry, and we're coming in around $110 to $150 dollars and had MONTHS long lead times. When I found John and Crazy Eyes on eBay I was immediately impressed by the presentation and unique holster options available--in particular, the C.E. Sidecar. I went to the website and was shocked (in a good way) to find that the price was "all-inclusive," and not full of nickel and dime "uppers" every time I dropped down a menu. I bought mine when the price was $75, but even the current price of $80 is worth every penny. This is not a "budget" holster. This is a high quality, hand-made, custom holster that beats the tactical pants off the competition in price, lead-time, comfort, concealability AND capacity. I've had minimal issues transitioning from 4:30 carry to appendix carry with this rig. There are no "hot spots" (as far as getting poked or prodded in sensitive areas) and it feels essentially flat and smooth on my lower stomach area. The customer service and responsiveness was great, and I would highly recommend Crazy Eyes to anyone on the fence about buying the C.E. Sidecar rig (or any of their other holster options). It's awesome.

crazy eyes carbon fiber red holster
G42 black carbon fiber holster
Dad and small son on motorbikes, geared up for cross country riding